TAS – The Academy School

School is a place that defines a child’s growth be it at a personal or professional level. With the world growing at an exponential rate, schooling of a child has become important more than ever, and at The Academy School (TAS) we believe in accompanying studies with joy. Backed by researches and studies behind the ideology that happy minds perform better.

#HappyAtSchool is our motto. It is a known fact that happiness spreads when children are happy in their learning process — their behavior; grades, as well as overall personality, observe a change for the better. Every day at TAS Pune is a happy day with the same being reflected in every aspect of our academics be it curriculum, teaching methodology, infrastructure or our venture to aid children in finding their wings. At TAS, the curriculum is designed in such a way that it promotes learning, with an expectation that students will excel and the support is provided to make every dream come true by the virtue of joy and happiness. In our pursuit of ensuring a happy aura at school, we have designed an academic system that gives credit to every corner of learning starting from studies, sport, music, art, craft, educational trips and everything else in between equally. Our pursuit of achieving excellence in education and child welfare has aided in our journey of becoming one of the most reputed and best schools in Pune. Our efforts at achieving all-around excellence are backed by the Amrutvahini and SMBT Group, with its rich 35+ year legacy in education. The Group leverages its vast resourced, infrastructure and experience in this field to create a happy learning experience.


The Academy School (TAS)


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June 17, 2020