Narendra Shantikumarji Firodia

Born on 16th November 1977, Mr. Firodia completed his Masters in Finance from Pune University. He always had an interest in retail and distribution, though his family was mainly involved in the manufacturing of Cl Graded Castings and Automobile Components.

In 2001, Sohamm was appointed as a franchise for Titan Watches in Ahmednagar followed by the Airtel Franchisee in 2002 and the journey of telecom began. Initiating the era of telecom advancement in the city, Sohamm Group has since then worked with many leading telecom brands namely Tata Docomo, LG, Sony, Oppo, HTC, Reliance Jio, Gionee, Panasonic to name a few.
Apart from Telecom, our company forayed into various other verticals like Real Estate, hospitality, film production, automobile dealership, media, IT, sports, Talent Management midst others..


Narendra Firodia


Branding, Design


June 18, 2020